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Absolute Human Performance is a training facility devoted to helping the serious athlete who is looking to maximize and reach his or her potential. It is also for anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals and ensure their long-term health. Each athlete receives individualized programming that is specific to their unique goals, and is given the coaching needed to facilitate and execute their plan.

At AHP, everything starts with the initial assessment. This is done 1-on-1 and covers everything from your injury history, training experience, sport and position, to goals. From the information obtained from your assessment, your individualized training program will be created. This requires a great deal of attention to detail, so you'll be given your program at your following session. From that point forward, you will be closely coached by AHP's highly qualified strength and conditioning professionals.

Why AHP?

- Custom, individualized programming

- 1 on 1 initial assessment

- Unmatched training environment

- Hands on, supervised training sessions with highly qualified staff

At AHP, we pride ourselves on being more than just a training facility. We provide a unique, family-like, competitive environment. This is paramount to preparing our athletes to succeed at the next level. Our staff live by the words, 'be who you needed when you were younger.'


Hear Taylor Burns on Lowdown w/ Lowtide at TSN 1260 radio November 13, 2017 (interview starts about 44 minutes into the show).




"At AHP you get someone who is beyond a strength and conditioning coach. Over the past seven years, Taylor Burns has been my mentor, coach, friend, as well as my trainer. I 100% believe there is no one out there who will work harder and is more dedicated to helping you improve yourself both mentally and physically."
- Erik Sabrowski (2018 San Diego Padres 14th round Draft Pick)



Taylor Burns

Taylor Burns

Taylor Burns is the Owner and Director of Athletic Development at Absolute Human Performance. Taylor, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, has worked with athletes at all levels; from youth sports to the professional ranks. A former college pitcher, Taylor's shoulder injury led him into the field of strength and conditioning and while he has a wide knowledge base he specializes in program design, maximum strength and power development, corrective exercise and injury prevention, and athletic performance.

Taylor spent four years as the Co-Head Coach and Director of Strength and Conditioning of the Prospects Baseball Academy. During this time he also was the Fitness Center Director at Bellerose Composite High School where his role had him doing everything from working with high level athletes to introducing beginners to exercise. Taylor has also spent the past three years as the Midget AAA Head Coach of the Edmonton Cardinals, who he guided to a 2016 Provincial Championship.


Sport Specific Training




Custom made Plan

2 to 6 days per week

Set your own schedule





1 to 2 days per week

Individual adaptive programming


Distance Programming


Custom made plan

Weekly check ins


Nutrition Consultation



Learning and Info Session

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Here is what people are saying about us:

"Absolute Human Performance is exactly what our developing hockey players need to prepare for their upcoming season. AHP's emphasis on strength and mobility, and Taylor Burns' hands on approach provides athletes with infinite opportunities to round their game. Not only will athletes become stronger they will become far more resilient and equipped to avoid injury as the grind of a hockey season occurs."
- JT Bartlett (Head Coach St. Albert Bantam AA Blues)

"As an MLB Draft pick out of High School and an NCAA Division 1 athlete, I can honestly say that I would never be where I am without the help of Taylor Burns. I started working with Taylor in 2011 when I was about 14 years old and he helped me develop mental and physical tools that I not only rely on to this day, but also are noticed and praised by other coaches. His level of commitment to the athletes he trains serves as an example of the commitment it takes to achieve the success you strive for. Taylor is always researching and improving his skills as a trainer, and is not afraid to adapt and try new things. Taylor is not only an extremely insightful and effective instructor, but also a great inspiration. Whether it is strength and conditioning, mental game training, or baseball skill instruction, Taylor is as good as any coach I've ever had."
- Jackson Wark (2015 New York Mets Draft Pick, and pitcher at Saint Louis University)

"Taylor Burns changed my career immediately. From the moment I started training with him I noticed that his attention to detail and intelligence was unmatched by any training professional I had ever worked with before. His individualized warm-ups and workouts increased my athleticism exponentially and I saw that athleticism translate into tremendous gains on the mound. His training program helped me add velocity and gave me the strength and mobility I needed to perform for a full season and pitch deeper into games. Taylor's work ethic is inspiring and he pushes you to work just as hard for yourself as he does for you."
- Ethan Elias (Professional Pitcher, Chicago Cubs & Arizona Diamondback's organizations)

"I can promise you that while you're here at Absolute Human Performance you will become a better athlete, you will excel in your sport, and you will push your physical and mental limits to places you didn't know existed. But I can also promise you that and it won't be easy. There will be moments to talk and joke, but realize you're here to work. While you're here you will go to places that are uncomfortable, and you're going to have to learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I can promise you that Taylor isn't going to be there holding your hand, but he will be standing next to you doing everything he can to get you where you want to go. To me that's worth a lot more."
- Noah Cunningham (University of Alberta Soccer Player, 2016 CIS National Championship Tournament MVP)

"Taylor's eternal quest for knowledge and attention to detail has made him succeed as a trainer, coach, and mentor in the years I have known him. Those attributes will allow him to continue to excel in the years to come."
- Allan Wark (Father of long-time trainee, and 2015 New York Mets Draft Pick, Jackson Wark)

"Taylor came into our son's life as his hockey team's trainer and, due to personal injury, became his personal trainer. His knowledge of his craft and desire to see his athletes succeed show his passion for what AHP stands for and his belief in his athletes. Taylor has the ability to connect with each of his athletes, because he's lived the life of an athlete, and provide them with a program to reach attainable goals and continue to grow.

"Taylor has instilled in our son a desire to reach goals set for him on a physical, nutritional, and personal level. He's become a role model for a 14 year old in a very short time and the positive impact Taylor has had on him is a gift!"

- Mel Valerio (Mother of AHP Athlete Mateo Valerio)

"Taylor transformed me from someone who thought he was an athlete, to an actual athlete. I'm now able to utilize my body way better than ever before. Not only has he helped me in the weight room, but he has helped me shape the right mindset needed to be successful not only on the field, but in life."
- Erik Sabrowski (2018 San Diego Padres 14th round Draft Pick)

"I began training with Taylor Burns my senior year of High School. I played competitive golf and was looking to take my game to the college level. I never enjoyed working out or training before, but I can truly say that Taylor gave me a passion for becoming a stronger and better athlete. He takes an interest in every athlete he trains, and really knows how to motivate them to work hard. As I continued to train with Taylor every day I was looking forward to seeing what I could accomplish and was impressed with the progress I was making as an athlete. I could have never reached my goal of playing college golf without the help and support that I received from Taylor."
- Alicia Easthope (Golfer at University of Montevallo)



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