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driven athletes.

Absolute Human Performance is a high-performance training facility. It was built for serious athletes looking to maximize and reach their potential, and for those looking to make a serious commitment to their long-term health.

Absolute Human Performance
began in November of 2017

Since that time, it has grown into one of the best facilities in the region for training athletes.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, it is an athletic performance centre: serving to train any athlete of any sport looking to maximize his or her potential, as well as any person who may be simply looking to make a commitment to improving his or her fitness and health.

AHP has many programs under its umbrella:  elite baseball academies, on-ice hockey skills training, and as it grows will continue to offer more sport skill services, however its roots will always be in strength and conditioning; in the training of athletes.


dedicated individual training

At AHP, everything starts with the initial assessment. This is done 1-on-1 and covers everything from a movement screen, your goals, to your training and injury history.

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Taylor Burns educating AHP clients baseball
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