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“At AHP you get someone who is beyond a strength and conditioning coach and pitching coach.  Over the past eight years, Taylor Burns has been my mentor, coach, friend, as well as my trainer.  

I 100% believe there is no one out there who will work harder and is more dedicated to helping you improve yourself both mentally and physically.”

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

Erik Sabrowski

2018 San diego padres 14th rnd draft pick

“Having trained at many gyms over the years, I can say there is no gym atmosphere the same as AHP. It's somewhere you know you're going to develop not only as an athlete, but as a person. My favourite part about AHP is the fact I know Taylor is always watching and giving me pointers. Being a multi-sport athlete, my off-season is very slim to none - so during the season I still find a way to get to AHP even if it's just for mobility, because I love being there and it helps my game on the ice and on the field immensely."

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

CArson Ironside

goalie for the Whitecourt Wolverines

“AHP has done everything for me both inside and outside the gym: from helping me reach 90 mph, to helping me get exposure to get a college scholarship, to mental game talks. Taylor cares more about you as a person than just as an athlete he trains. AHP will help you reach your goals.

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

Colbey Klepper

pitcher for Lamar CC

“I've been lucky enough to work with Taylor since I was in High School. His personalized workouts have helped me tremendously. Training at AHP won't always be easy, but Taylor will be there pushing you every step of the way."

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

noah cunningham


As an MLB draft pick out of High School and a Division 1 Athlete, I can honestly say I never would have had the career I did without Taylor Burns. I started working with Taylor in 2011 when I was just fourteen. Taylor is not only an extremely insightful and effective instructor, but a great inspiration. Whether it is strength and conditioning, mental game training, or baseball skill instruction, Taylor is as good as any coach I've had.

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

jackson wark

2014 New York Mets Draft Pick, RHP FOR St. LOUIS UNIVERSITY

“We have been fortunate to have thirteen athletes come through our program at Cloud County that have worked with or been coached by Taylor. These guys have been prepared not only physically but mentally and it has shown in their performance here in one of the best junior college conferences in the country. Taylor knows what college baseball in the United States is all about and he prepares his guys accordingly. A lot of people make this claim but fail to follow through with action. Taylor walks the walk and the success his players have had speaks for itself.

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

Eric Gilliland

Cloud County CC Baseball Head Coach

“Taylor Burns changed my career immediately. From the moment I started training with him I noticed his attention to detail and intelligence was unmatched by any training professional I'd ever worked with. His individualized warm-ups and workouts translated to tremendous gains on the mound. His training program helped me add velocity and gave me the strength and mobility I needed to perform for a full season and pitch deeper into games."

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

Ethan Elias


“One thing that stands out about AHP and working with the coaches is the elite level of training while still having fun. The atmosphere is unmatched, and perfect for an outgoing guy like me. Another thing that's very beneficial is that all the coaches and older players have experienced what I'm going through so I can take bits and pieces from everyone and use it to my advantage.

erik sabrowski AHP athlete san diego padres draft pick

Myles Pallister

Pitcher for niagara University
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