2021 In Review

January 4, 2022

What a crazy year. Despite being shutdown until February 8th, and then for the majority of May due to COVID, it was a tremendous year at AHP. The inaugural year of our Baseball Academy grew from 11 players to a full-blown elite Academy that started in September with 40 players. We added two full-time coaches and five part-time staff members.

Here's a quick rundown on 2021 at AHP and a look ahead at 2022.

1. Connor Burns and Ethan Elias Hired Full-Time.

Both Connor and Ethan have worked at AHP on a part-time basis the past couple of years, but starting in September they became fully employed staff members, both as Co-Head Coaches of the AHP Baseball Academy.

We were also extremely excited to add Taran Oulton, Jake Lanferman, and Jason Chatwood to round out the coaching staff.

Returning to the Academy staff were Matt Quartel and Erik Sabrowski.

  1. AHP Baseball Academy Grows

The program started in 2020/21 and was a great success. However, it only had twelve players aged 12 to 16. Now we have a Senior Baseball Academy for elite players to prepare them to play college baseball, as well as a Junior Baseball Academy made up of athletes in grades 9 to 11 looking to graduate to the big program.

  1. Sabrowski Makes Pro Debut

Erik Sabrowski becomes the second AHP athlete to pitch professionally (after Ethan Elias). His debut was excellent, posting a 1.86 E.RA in 29 innings while recording 41 strikeouts for the San Diego Padres High A affiliate, Fort Wayne. Just before the end of the calendar year, Erik was selected by the Cleveland Guardians organization in the Rule 5 Minor League draft

  1. Internship Program Launched

We did in fact have an intern back in the summer of 2019, and Chris Ewanik did an excellent job. However, the AHP Internship program took off in 2021 with two summer interns and one fall intern. In fact, we have hired Jacob Honke and Bo Mieklejohn directly out of our internship program.

We are looking to fill our Winter and Spring Internship still. Interested candidates can e-mail info@absolutehumanperformance.com to apply or learn more!

  1. Hockey!

We saw tremendous growth in our hockey athlete population, as we had over 25 hockey players train with us during their summers.


Some of our objectives and goals for 2022 are:

  • To grow our Junior Baseball Academy to include fall and spring games
  • To continue to grow our Remote Athlete option and to partner with more teams and organizations
  • To start a newsletter and produce more content
  • To continue to grow our Internship Program
  • To offer skill and on-ice development for our hockey players...
  • To host our first Coaching Seminar/Clinic!

What would you like to see from AHP in 2022?

In closing, I would like to give my most heartfelt thanks to all of our athletes and their families for helping make AHP what it is - an incredible community that I'm so proud to lead.

All the best,

Taylor Burns (CEO & Founder)

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